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  • #3 Chicken House

    Constructed in the 1840's the first owner of this property, Christopher Memminger, housed enslaved persons in this building while he lived here in the summers.  Living near the main house they likely helped with domestic tasks of cooking and cleaning, however little is known about these early enslaved workers.

    The second owner, Ellison Smyth installed large wash tubs in 1924 and called it the "wash house".

    In modern times, Mrs. Sandburg used the left side of the building for chickens and the right side for young goats.

    Sandburg's granddaughter, Paula Steichen discusses how the family used the building.

    "It was used first for chickens, and then we used it primarily for baby kids that we raised after the kids were old enough to be moved from in the basement of our house, we would take them out there.  The kids of course were separated from the does as soon as they were born so they had to be kept in separate quarters."