About Us

In 1945, Carl Sandburg and his family moved to a farm in Flat Rock, NC where he completed the final third of his life’s works.  Having won a Pulitzer Prize for his Lincoln biography in 1941 while living in Michigan, he was awarded a second Pulitzer Prize for his Complete Poems in 1951 at Connemara.  His work spans poetry, journalism, children’s literature, fiction and nonfiction. Sandburg's words reflected the voice of the common man and was regarded as the "Poet of the People." Much of his work was written in support of social justice with a hopeful optimism in the abilities and opportunities that should be available to all Americans. 

While he was writing, his wife Lilian Sandburg and their daughters managed the Connemara Farms dairy goat herd and award-winning goat breeding program.  

Sandburg provided a popular voice for the American people of the twentieth century and still speaks to us through his words, songs and the beauty and serenity of Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site.